Malta located in the junction of Asia, Europe and Africa. Service industries, financial industries, and tourism is the main source of foreign exchange of Malta. Valletta is the country capital and the population of this country is 470,000 only with a total area of ​​about 316 square meters. English is the main language of Malta and it is known as the “Back Garden of Europe”. It is the only four-in-one country in the world (Schengen, European Union, Eurozone, Commonwealth).

Life expectancy of Maltese areamong the highest in the world. In addition, in the World Health Organization (WHO) rankings of the world’s medical systems and the world’s safest countries, Malta ranks fifth in the world, which is higher than many of traditional big countries.

On January 12th, 2021, the MRVA passed an amendment to the Immigration Law, which allows foreign investors to obtain their permanent residency through government donations. The concept of the plan is that the investor supports the development of the local NGO, lease or purchase his real estate, pay the government’s administrative fee, and obtain the permanent residency for him and his whole family.

Benefits of Malta permanent residence Program

  • “Four in One” country, indulge in the EU’s high-quality life and welfare
  • Visa-free Schengen country, can stay and live in Malta indefinitely
  • Global low-tax paradise, corporate income tax as low as 5%
  • Children can enjoy Commonwealth education with advanced medical standards
  • Low investment and high return, a family of four generations can obtain EU green cards

Applicant Requirement:

  • The main application age is over 18 years old
  • No criminal record
  • 500,000 Euro asset certificate (including 150,000 Euro current asset certificate)

Investment Requirements:

  • Purchase Real Estate Option: 68,000 euros / RentingReal Estate Option: 98,000 euros + 2,000 euros of NGO donations
  • Proof of address: The main applicant needs to purchase or lease real estate that meets government requirements and hold it for 5 years;
  • Purchase Real Estate Option: 350,000 euros in the central area of ​​Malta or 300,000 euros in the island of Gozo or southern Malta;
  • Renting Real Estate Option: 12,000 euros/year in the central area of ​​Malta or 10,000 euros/year in the island of Gozo or southern Malta
  • Insurance: Applicants need to have an insurance covering Malta and all medical services in the hospital. The insured amount is 30,000 Euros and the premium is about 500 Euros/year/person.

Step for the Malta permanent residence Program

Step 1:

The applicant signs a contract with Taurus, prepares the materials, signs the POA, lawyers will assist to submits the application in Malta and pays part of the administrative fee

Step 2:

The application is accepted and the government initiates due diligence

Step 3:

Passing the government due diligence

Step 4:

Complete the investment

Step 5:

The applicant entry to Malta to extract biometric fingerprints and obtain a permanent residence card