Investment Options

Located in the rainforest of the Providence Plantations, it is home to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Morne Trois Pitons National Park.

The resort is equipped with 72 luxurious environment-friendly villas, top grade organic food restaurants, Caribbean characteristic bars, luxury spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and other facilities. Visitors can relax and stay away from disturbance.

Customers can enjoy jacuzzi at the charming Hammam Spa, enjoy swimming in a spacious and comfortable outdoor room-temperature swimming pool and a covered heated swimming pool with a pool bar, the yoga facilities in the resort attract practitioners from all over the world to retreat, the particularly favored natural environment allow practitioners to experience the process of self-sublimation and spiritual awakening, help practitioners get rid of secular disturbance.

The characteristic bar and organic restaurant in the resort provide a series of international and local delicacies that attract tourists from all over the world. In addition, boutiques and other facilities attached to the resort will also allow extraordinary experience to visitors.

With up to 10 acres of tropical flora, the resort is bound to make visitors enjoy themselves and experience the true charm of Dominica as “an island of nature”.

Environmental conservation development project

  • The resort is located near the UNESCO site.
  • Top-tier organic health products and environmental sustainability.

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content of the investment scheme

Only USD 200, 000 per each preferred stock

Advantages of the investment scheme

Effective approach for naturalization through investments that has been approved by the government of Dominica.

  • Investing USD 200, 000 in preferred shares at the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa resort, and under the investment naturalization scheme, investors and their families are eligible to apply for naturalization in Dominica.

Guarantee measures and Return on investment

  • Investors can resell preferred shares for at least USD 200, 000 after 5 years and retain Dominica Citizenship lifelong, which can be passed down for generations.
  • New investors who purchase “resold preferred shares” and their families are also eligible to apply for naturalization in Dominica.

Investors can get the following returns

  • After the end of the 36-month construction period (which may actually be advanced), enjoy the annual dividend of the preferred stock of the operating profit of the resort.
  • The annual dividend of preferred stock is expected to be between 3 % and 6 %, that is to say, the annual dividend can be 6, 000 to 12, 000 US dollars from the fourth year of investment at the latest.
  • The expected total return during the five-year required holding period is US USD 12, 000 – 24, 000. After the required holding period, if it is not resold, dividend of the preferred shares would be enjoyed every year.

Investors’ rights and interests

  • During peak seasons of tourism, the investor can enjoy seven days of free accommodation and five-star vacation facilities with a companion: or.
  • During off-seasons of tourism, the investor can enjoy 14 days of free accommodation and five-star vacation facilities with a companion: or.
  • The investor can enjoy a 25 % discount on the retail price if investor wants to extend the vacation schedule after the ending of free accommodation for designated periods.
  • If the investor wants to book extra rooms for family members, the investor can enjoy a 25 % discount on the retail price during the same period.

Environmental conservation development project.

  • The resort is located near the UNESCO site.
  • Top-level organic health products and environmental sustainability.

Other advantages of investment

Compared with other real estate investment projects, there are many other objective reasons for choosing preferred shares from Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort & Spa Resorts to acquire Dominica nationality for investors and their families, including:

  • The most cost-effective investment option on the market – only USD 200, 000 investment is required.
  • The minimum initial deposit requirement is only at USD 10, 000 (accounting for 5 % of the total investment).
  • As it is an investment of preferred stock, there is no property transfer tax for purchasing and selling.
  • No registration or transfer fees for preferred shares.
  • No legal fee for the transfer of property.
  • No annual maintenance fee or similar fees.
  • Ease to Transfer the preferred shares to cash out and make a profit after 5 years.
  • Transferees who transfer preferred shares after 5 years may apply for family naturalization.
  • Holders of preferred shares can receive persisting and generous returns that are significantly higher than the interest rate on bank deposits.
  • It is expected that at least USD 6, 000 of dividends will be allocated every year after it is put into operation, and
  • the annual yield will be 3 % or more.

Step I

The applicant expresses interest in resort investment and signs an agreement with us for the transaction of preferred shares.

Step II

The investor shall pay USD 10, 000 (5 % of the total investment) within 7 working days after signing the agreement; The investor prepare and collate citizenship application documents.

Step III

The investor pays the application fee, due diligence fee and other expenses; and an application to the government will be submitted.

Step IV

Carry out the application and due diligence survey, and a confirmation and approval letter will be issued; the investor pays the remaining USD 190, 000 (accounts for 95 % of the total investment) and the remaining government fees.

Step V

The government issues naturalization certificates and passports (will be mailed to the investor).