Introduction of UK visa

Immigrations to the UK are mainly divided into four categories:


A) Business immigration visa

B) Investment immigration visa

C) Spouse immigration visa

D) Work immigration visa


Visas not in immigration pathway:

Student visa

Tourist visa

Youth Mobility Scheme visa

A) Introduction to Business immigration:


1) Representative of an Overseas Business visa and;

2) Start-up and Innovator visa


Applicants are required to apply for a business visa in the above-mentioned manner to do business in the UK and can apply for permanent residence with their children after 5 years;


Visa holders can bring their spouses and children to the UK to enjoy medical and educational benefits.

The limitation of this scheme is that during the visa period, the main applicant cannot work for other UK companies and cannot leave the company.

3) Representative of an Overseas Business visa (Sole Rep) - Expansion of business

Sole Rep visa is established by the UK government to attract overseas businesses to open branches in the UK, which will last for five years and one can apply for permanent residence upon completion.

The company only needs to demonstrate and explain the role of the British subsidiary, to be reasonable and subject to the following conditions, without a large investment or employment of British employees.

Requirements of the visa:

IELTS Life skills A1 level passed;

The annual revenue of the Parent company is not less than 10 million yuan;

The applicant and his / her spouse cannot be a major (ie. >=50%) shareholder of the company;

Business of the UK subsidiary is closely related to the parent company;

The subsidiary in the UK has development prospects.

2) Start-up and Innovator visas - Start-up in the UK

For those establishing a business - Introduction to start up and innovation visa


The start-up visa scheme is established by the UK government to attract applicants who are innovative but inexperienced in business. The visa would last for two year; upon completion, the applicant will not be able to apply for a permanent residence, unless transferring to Innovator Visa.

Innovation visas are offered by the UK government to overseas applicants who have made certain achievements or have significant experience in the innovation industry. The visa lasts for a period of three years. Applicants can apply for permanent residence upon completion.


Basic conditions of the visa

Obtained more than 5.5 points in IELTS English test.

The concept of business conforms to the three principles of Innovative, Viable and Scalable.

Proof of Funds.

Certificate of no criminal conviction.

Experienced with business activities (for Innovator visa)

B) Introduction to Investor Visa


Investor Visa is granted by the UK government to investors with an investment of no less than 2 million pounds, and the funds must be invested into government-designated funds and stocks (such as Barclays Bank, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Vodafone Telecom and other blue-chip stocks).


Visa holders can bring their spouses and children to the UK to enjoy medical and educational benefits. During the visa period, the applicant is free to work.


The visa period varies depending on the amount of investment:

Five years (2 million pounds)

Three years (5 million pounds)

Two years (10 million pounds)


Upon completion of the designated residence requirements, one can apply for permanent residence.

Comparison of official applications to the UK

Investor Visa

Sole Rep Visa

Start up and Innovator immigration

Work Visa

Investment requirements

At least 2 million pounds

Not required

At least 50 thousand pounds


Business experience

Not required

Not required


Not required

Annual turnover of the company

Not required

RMB 10 million
(for mother company)

Up to 1 million pounds in three years

Not applicable

Company operating timeframe


More than 2 years

3 years

Not applicable

Visa restrictions


Single employer

Single self-employment

Should not be fired

English proficiency requirements





Interview requirements

Not required





Not allowed


Not allowed

Not allowed


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