Frequently asked questions on immigration application

1. Insufficient English ability: we can provide tailored English training.

2. Fear of interviews: we can provide independent interview training.

3. Can children over the age of 18 be included in the same family and apply with their parents? No, they can’t. You can apply before your child is 18 years old.

4. Can one of the parents apply for immigration as an “astronaut”? Appropriate options would be provided depending on the circumstances. Please consult us directly.

5. As the largest shareholder of the company, can I apply for the Sole Rep Visa? No, you can’t. The applicant cannot be the largest shareholder of the company. For further details, please consult us.

6. Can I provide supplementary information when the application is submitted to the UK authority? No, you can’t. the UK Government does not allow making up or amend the documents and there will be adverse effects. Please contact us for details.

7. Can I apply with criminality record? It depends, please contact us for details.

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