Advantages of immigrating to the UK

Problems faced by most UK immigration applicants with tourist visas to take care of their children in the UK:


· One can only stay in the UK for a maximum of six months per year, and is subjected to re-application of such each year, while the applicants are not covered by local medical services.

· As there is no long-term residence status, one cannot open a local personal bank account, rent a house and apply for various personal services, which is extremely inconvenient for living.

· In addition to paying high tuition fees for overseas students at the university, it is difficult for one’s children to find a way out in the country because they do not have residence status after graduation.

Characteristics of the immigration project:


· Assist the parents to stay in the UK for a long time with their children.

· After five years of continued residence, one can obtain the indefinite leave to remain (i.e. Permanent Residence) status and then option for naturalization.

· No need to give up Chinese nationality after Permanent Residence
· Some of the schemes allow “Astronaut” arrangement, under which only one of the parents is required to stay in the UK with their children.

· After obtaining Permanent Residence status, your children can enjoy tuition fees for local students, apply for University as local students, and have more opportunities to enter renowned universities (such as Oxford and Cambridge Universities).

· Fulfill the immigration requirements while studying so as to freely choose the direction of occupational development after graduation.

· One person applies for the benefit of the whole family.

· Free admission to state-funded primary and secondary schools

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