Content of services on further education

General time of admission

Stage I: September - December

Stage II: January - April

* In-year application: year-round admission, subject to the actual availability of the school

Content of the services: 

· Apply for up to 5 schools as required *

· Providing reservation service for reception at airports

· Written test

· Examination training

· 1 on 1 guidance on the learning scheme and study abroad program

· Simulated exams (including simulated interviews)

· Course selection planning before application

· Application for a study visa

· Document preparation (e.g. personal resume)

· Acting for the application of parentstourist visas

· Submitting the application

· School visit planning and appointments

· (Extra charge: service fees charged by the guardian)

· Accommodation

· Pre-trip planning

· Insurance

· Accommodation arrangement for school holidays

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