Required documents

The applicant will receive a comprehensive application package. There will be necessary guidance, as well as a detailed list of all necessary documents. Applicants would generally take about two weeks to prepare, depending on the applicant’s actually situation. The following documents are to be prepared: 

· Medical certificates: medical examination, in which includes HIV virus test, whole blood test, urine test, tuberculosis test, hepatitis test, signed and stamped by a valid registered doctor.

· Driver’s license (notarized original document): if you need to apply for a tax code, bank accounts, or international driver’s licenses, you need to provide it and it must be valid.

· All acquired passports (notarized original document): the passport must be valid for at least six months.

· ID card and household registration book (notarized original document): requiring English translation and notarization.

· Marriage certificate / divorce certificate, residence certificate, house property certificate (notarized original document): requiring English translation and notarization.

· Certificate of no criminal conviction: the original certificate of no criminal record issued by the local authority must be submitted, and provide English translation with notarization.

· Birth certificate: details with the applicant’s date of birth, city of birth, name of father and mother, birthday, place of birth, and then notarized.

· A bank statement for 12 months and proof of account opening date: monthly statement of the bank for 12 consecutive months.

· Personal diploma certificate (notarized original document): English translation and notarization are required.

· 16 passport photos (white background): 45mm × 35mm photos are used to fill in application forms and for the purpose of applying the passport.

· Affidavit: provide the original affidavit and sign it back directly.


* Remarks: for details, please consult the authorized agencies.


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