Application process

Step I

The applicant cannot submit the application directly to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit, but can only be processed by an authorized agency. We are a leading authorized agencies by the government.

Through authorized organizations of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit, in accordance with the regulation policy introduced in 2014, we have obtained the right to represent the applicant in the Dominica Citizenship by Investment application after paying a certain amount of agency fee fees to Dominica.


Step II

We assist the applicant to prepare all necessary documents required by the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit. Customers are required to fill in a unified application form, going through health examination, and obtain a specific certification. Such documents are to be prepared in English, and the identification certificate should be provided by an appropriate legal institution. In the case of real estate investment, a real estate transaction agreement should be prepared.

Step III

Your application will be reviewed by means of information survey and background survey to verify the genuinity of the information you provided. The Investment and Immigration Bureau will make the decision based on the results of the survey.

Customers may learn about application issues through us, including approving, delaying or rejecting an application, etc.


Step IV

After completing all the forms and all relevant documents in place, the application will be submitted to Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit and we will make contact on behalf of the applicant.

At present, interview is not a mandatory requirement, but the government reserve the right to require you to attend a interview.


Step V

When the application is successfully approved, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit will notify you the contribution by post if the Economic Diversification Fund is selected or the payment for real estate is completed.

Upon the receipt of the investment payment certificate, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit will issue a registration certification document to certificate the applicant’s citizenship, which we shall use to obtain a Dominica passport for the applicant.

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